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   Personal injury general negligence lawsuits come in many forms. The Michigan Civil Jury Instructions define negligence as “the failure to use ordinary care,” and “ordinary care” is simply defined as “the care that a reasonably careful person to use.” In other words, a negligence personal injury lawsuit can be filed for any personal injury resulting from a failure to use ordinary care. Given the broad range of accident types that can occur from “negligence,” negligence personal injury lawsuits can arise from a wide range of facts such as accidentally dropping a heavy object on someone’s foot, accidentally striking someone with a golf club while taking a backswing without looking, throwing an object toward a garbage can but accidentally striking and injuring someone, and so on.

   These types of accidents are typically covered under the negligent individual’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Therefore, a negligent injury victim can file a lawsuit against the negligent individual, and a large recovery is possible because the negligent individual’s homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the lawsuit damages. Additionally, if the negligent act occurred while the negligent individual was working within the scope of their employment, the negligent individual’s employer’s insurance carrier may also cover the lawsuit damages. 

   Negligence personal injury lawsuits can often be greatly strengthened by taking photographs, gathering the contact information of any available witnesses, and contacting the MichiganLawsuit.comMichigan lawsuit office as soon as possible. Call at (855) LAW-MICH.

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