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   Medical malpractice is a licensed medical professional’s failure to meet the standard of care of a reasonably prudent professional of similar training under similar circumstances. The medical professional is liable to a patient for damages when the professional’s malpractice causes the patient to suffer injury or loss. 

   Due to the additional procedural requirements and the complexity of most medical malpractice , hiring a skilled Michigan lawsuit attorney is a crucial first-step. Additionally, it is important to contact a Michigan lawsuit attorney as soon as possible following the medical malpractice to allow time for the case to be adequately researched and developed in time to file it. This is because Michigan medical malpractice injury lawsuits have a shortened deadline within which to file a lawsuit (two years) and a substantial amount of work is required prior to filing, including finding and retaining expert witnesses and preparing documents required specifically for medical malpractice lawsuit filings. 

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